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BE Wealth

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be wealth be super graphic

+ Art Direction

+ Branding

+ Graphic Design


Don't be fooled by their job titles. The people over at BE Wealth are a lot of fun, and they let us have fun with their brand and marketing, too.

I've been running their account on the creative side of our shop since 2017, beginning with the art direction for their brand itself. The logo, while obviously forming a "B" and "E", is made to form a winding path, symbolizing the path everyone takes as they journey through life's many milestones. That's a metaphor the firm's owner is fond of using, and I wanted to leverage that.

Beyond their branding, we've created a whole host of graphics for various marketing campaigns over the years, including the one you see above to celebrate the Chiefs' 2019-20 Super Bowl run. The client and I collaborated on what became the "BE Campaign," sending out various creative elements using "Be" as a verb at the beginning of a timely phrase. This has helped keep BE Wealth front of mind for clients between their yearly financial checkups.

Pay attention to the laces...

BE Running graphic

The client wanted laptop stickers made in the style of the 80s and 90s. I was, of course, more than happy to oblige. When I wake up in the morning, the alarm gives out a warning...

BE Wealth laptop stickers

A t-shirt graphic designed to celebrate the annual Sculpture Tour in Salina, KS.

BE Sculpted graphic

BE Wealth hosts an annual Ladies Luncheon, and we design custom invites every year.

BE Wealth Ladies Luncheon invitation