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Design Supply Doors, a Kansas City custom door provider, was in need of a new logo. Alright, they were badly in need of a new logo, and an entire brand refresh to go with it. In stepped MAKE Digital to make that happen—or, more specifically, in stepped me.

While the mark itself was a complete delete-and-make-a-new-one job, the client expressed an interest in keeping some aspects of, or at least harkening back to, its humble brand origins. So I utilized the overall color concept of the original brand (with some minor tweaks to modernize the look) while conceptualizing and eventually producing their new mark.

The client also expressed that their customer base was a pretty blunt, unassuming bunch, so we decided to incorporate a door in a semi-literal sense. Do you see it? Yeah, you see it.

I came up with the square shape of the lockup early on in the process, as the client was planning on splashing this thing across all sorts of mediums, from digital properties to shirts and tradeshow booths. This shape gave the mark ultimate flexibility.

Design Supply Doors full color logo

What's a brand without a brand guide? Guideless. We include detailed color information, typography recommendations, and of course, logo usage do's and don'ts (dont's?) in ours.

Design Supply brand guide colors

Yep. #doornerds. I personally think this client is awesome, and I was more than happy to oblige her idea to lean into this tag and incorporate it into Design Supply's overarching brand.

Design Supply business cards