My work for

Mainstar Trust

at MAKE Digital

mainstar video screen

+ Motion Graphics

+ Art Direction


I nearly bit off more than I could chew when I decided to model a bunch of 3D objects, including a nautically inclined woman, to illustrate the benefits of opening a self-directed IRA with Mainstar Trust.

But, lo and behold, I made it through, and the result was a pleasant little jaunt involving waterslides, a treacherous cave, and even a cow floating on a palette.

This is one of the few motion graphics projects where I spent more time in Cinema 4D than I did in After Effects, due to the heavily 3D nature of the visuals. It was challenging at times, from a purely computational standpoint, but the results were really fun to achieve in the end, and the client loved the output.

We shot a series of four explainer videos using Mainstar personnel for use with current and prospective clients. I wrote the script and directed the actors on the day of the shoot. I also did post-production work, including mixing the audio and adding graphical elements for the intro, outro, and lower thirds. Videography was done by the immensely talented Tim Zook.

The polygonal cow steals the show, let's be honest.

First comes the script, then come storyboards. Since the production of the video itself can take a bit of time and quite a bit of effort, I do everything I can to make sure I'm on the client's page when it comes to expectations and being able to visualize the end product.

Mainstar Self-Directed IRA storyboards