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web development sketched poster

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Awhile back, as we were considering a refresh of our office decor, an idea struck me: create a series of handmade posters illustrating our various digital marketing services—web design, web development, email marketing, social media, and SEO. So I got to work.

Then I got really freaking busy. But hey, I finished—"finished"—two of the posters before the swamp drowned me.

As you can probably see, I had two primary sources of inspiration for the style I was going for. The first was Gal Shir, whose iPad sketching videos are nothing short of awe-inspiring. I utilized his Procreate brushes and his approach to texturing and shading, quite extensively.

My second source of inspiration was Mads Berg, whose contemporary art deco style is probably my favorite illustrative aesthetic on earth. I figured if I could achieve even a quarter of the quality and polish Mads produces, I could come up with decently cool designs.

For web development, I immediately came up with the visual of a final UI being revealed as code is "scraped away." The rest of the graphic fell into place pretty quickly after that. And I really wasn't trying to make this guy look like Mario Mario (yes, that's his full name), I promise.

Web Dev poster

Eventually there will be a girl in a bomber jacket and aviators looking after the paper airplanes as they shoot into the sky. The series was originally intended to feature Kansas City landmarks throughout, and though the Web Development one got away from that, the rest are still on board. This one obviously features the famous Sky Stations above Bartle Hall.

Email Marketing poster