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Yes, that's right: this portfolio website has an entry on itself. Insert we-put-Facebook-on-yo-Facebook.gif here. But, really, shouldn't it? It's my design, my graphics, featuring the brand I made for myself...I even wireframed the damn thing before building it. (Proof below.)

And I'm pretty okay with how it turned out, considering I built it from nothingness to complete-ish in less than 10 days. It gave me a chance to try out a "headless" content management system for the first time—in this case, Contentful. And I have to say, it's pretty awesome.

As to the design in particular, I just couldn't stray from my personal tastes too much. I love black and white schemes that are both bold and unapologetically clean and simple. I wanted to let the other items in the portfolio stand on their own, and considering that diversity of aesthetic is one of the primary things I wanted to showcase here, I figured a portfolio that was too heavily designed or busy would detract from that takeaway.

Yes, I'm such a cliché as a designer. I really do sketch this stuff out first.

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