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Varco Pruden

at MAKE Digital

varco pruden web wireframes

+ Web Design


Varco Pruden, a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, is an extremely accomplished, respected construction company based here in KC, and they asked MAKE Digital Group to build them a website that said as much. This was a custom design built with little touches to let the client and users alike know they weren't browsing some cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box template.

Those little touches included cutting into the sides of basic elements to harken to the angle of the "V" in their "VP" logo, and layer sections on top of one another so that they evoke the same basic pattern as the steel beam roofs Varco Pruden builds so well.

I design "medium fidelity" wireframes, in that I intentionally avoid all decisions around colors, fonts, or graphics by utilizing the exact same library for all wireframes. That way, the client can focus first on content blocks and layout, without being distracted by nitpicking the shades of a blue gradient, or the size of the H1s.

VP web wireframes

Large blocking allowed for things like headers to be offset to the side instead of always above, making sections more interesting to users.

VP website screen: projects

You won't find too many vertical lines on the edges of these components. V for Vendetta? More like V for Varco...Pruden.

VP website screen: CTA

For real, though: angled lines all over the place (by design—they loved it).

VP website screen: slider